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  Interest Rates vs. the S and P 500 Index

Below is a monthly chart comparing the 30 Year Treasury Bond, 5 Year Treasury Note and 90 Treasury Bill rates to the S&P 500 Index for the period 1980 through the beginning of March, 2004.  Although in the short term rising or falling interest rates moderately impact the markets, as you can see, in the longer run, very little correlation exists between interest rate movement and the index.  One explanation may be that interest rates more or less reflect the current state of the economy while the stock market tends to anticipate the economic future, good or bad.  (The interest rate scale (%) is on the left and the SPX price scale is on the right)


Interest Rates vs. the S&P 500 Index - 1980 through beginning of March, 2004

* 30 Year Treasury Bonds were no longer issued after February, 2002.  The St. Louis Federal Reserve therefore no longer provides historic price data after that date.

  Historical Composite Breadth Charts, Reports and Datafiles

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