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The Complete Guide to Market Breadth Indicators
Publication / Update Schedule 

Following is our current schedule for publication to all of the MasterDATA web sites.  "Start Time" represents the time the update initiates.  Prices used for updating are a "snapshot" of all current market prices at the time the update begins.  "Approximate Publish Time" indicates the expected time that after all compilations and subsequent report and chart generation all data should be available on the site.  Occasionally, disruptions can occur and publication of the content will be delayed, sometimes significantly.  Finally, "Content Updated" displays which data periods of content are updated at what times throughout the day.

  Start Time Approximate Datafile Publish Time Approximate Chart & Report Publish Time Content Updated
        Datafiles Charts Reports
        D W M Q D W M Q D W M Q
►  on the hour during market hours 12 minutes after the hour 20 minutes after the hour                  
►  12:30 pm pst (30 minutes before the close) 15 minutes before the close na                  
►  5 minutes after the close 20 minutes after the close 35 minutes after the close                  
►  3:00 pm pst 3:50 pm pst (2 hours 50 minutes after the close) 4:00 pm pst (3 hours after the close)
►  6:00 pm pst 7:30 pm pst (6 hours 30 minutes after the close) 7:40 pm pst (6 hours 40 minutes after the close)
►  11:00 pm pst (this update recompiles all data for all data periods from scratch each night) 3:50 am pst (next morning - 2 hours 40 minutes before the opening of trading) 4:00 am pst (next morning - 2 hours 30 minutes before the opening of trading)

The later the update the more accurate the data.  For instance, doing an "update" download at 2:00 pm pst time (one hour after the close) will be mostly accurate for daily data.  Exchanges and data vendors, however, continue data corrections for several hours after the close, so again, the later the better.  Additionally, at 2:00 pm pst time, data on the web site would not yet reflect daily changes in the weekly, monthly and quarterly data period charts, reports and datafiles.  The earliest time that these longer data periods are available is approximately 3:30 pm pst (2.5 hours after the close).

  Historical Composite Breadth Charts, Reports and Datafiles

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