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  Financial Sites

Literally thousands of financial web sites exist on the internet.  Some are excellent, some not so excellent.  The list of sites provided here are ones I personally know and/or find of value.


Traders-Talk is the longest continually run Trading and Investing Message Board Community on the Internet.

Mark Young's site is dedicated to sharing tips and tricks of the trade, learning from each other, and improving your trading and investing skills.

Also, Trader Talk's  Free Market Analysis Area is full of some of the best and brightest Market Analysts giving you free samples of their professional work and expertise.

Traders-Talk is Your Trading Headquarters. There is no Amateur Hour.

Joining Traders-Talk is FREE.

MarketViews.TV is a unique and highly interesting financial site offering regularly updated interviews from many of the top names in the financial industry.  These audio broadcasts (you actually listen to them through your computer) are extremely well done and offer up to the minute insight into all financial markets  Although there is a free section, the subscription rate is exceptionally reasonable and is well worth the price.

MarketViews.TV is closely related to Ike Iossif's other web site, (listed in the Analyst section).

Decision Point - Carl Swenlin

At Decision Point you’ll find all the info you need to make solid investment decisions, organized into charts and reports you can access with a click of your mouse. To start taking advantage of our valuable service, sign up for a membership.  We’re sure you’ll find the low cost of membership to be one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

-- Carl Swenlin, President

Decision Point members have exclusive access to the key features of the site, including:
Market Indicators: a
huge collection of unique
market indicator charts
Trackers: detailed daily
reports about key groups
of securities
Chart Books: all the
charts you need, sorted
by relative strength
Historical Charts: some dating as far back as 1928!

Click here to go to The Chart Store

One of the largest collections of long-term historical charts to be found on the Internet.  Their library of more than 4,700 charts offers institutional and retail investors, newspaper editors and newsletter writers, educators and students an historical perspective of markets and economic data.  More importantly, these charts provide insights into developing trends in financial markets, commodity markets, economics and business cycles.  History may not repeat, but it often rhymes.

The Chart Store is an excellent resource including much financial information not easily accessible elsewhere on the internet.  Additionally, using MasterDATA's composite data, many composite breadth charts are now available on numerous major indexes and ETFs.  Ron Griess provides a superb presentation of all available financial data.

Learn what are exchange traded funds, stocks and find information for investors.
Learn what are exchange traded funds, stocks and find information for investors.

Daily research and commentary on ETF news. Frequent analysis of 200-day moving averages for different funds

  Historical Composite Breadth Charts, Reports and Datafiles

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